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Love is just a word until someone omes along and gives it meaning.”
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11th-Jan-2008 07:37 pm - stuff
Being a girl sucks sometimes. I'll get over it by tomorrow I'm sure, but blech.

Anyways, news... I did find, and reserve a reception site.  I also found a dress that I love, am working on a headpiece and my mum is playing with bouquet ideas for me.  Got a dress for Cass and have an appt at the dress shop to see if the other 2 girls will wear the same dress or if I'll send them off with a swatch of the color.

Called a few places about apartments but not much response.

           Work has good days and bad days. I'm getting into the routine now if you can call it that. Sometimes I work on the line at the ARC. Sometimes they send me to the line at Zoto's. Once last week they sent me to Crosman's. I do a lot of doubles when I sub for people. Doubles mean 8 am til 8:30 pm. So I leave home at 7:40 and don't get back till almost quarter of 9. Which is okay sometimes, the more you work the more you get paid, but tough sometimes with all the things I'm trying to plan.
               When I clean at night though, which is the subbing I've been doing lately, it's a great time to sing and to think.   Last night I was imagining West Side Story. I could picture in my head Tony (right?) singing about Maria, what a beautiful name and how he'd "Never heard a sound like Maria". And in walks in this other girl. She comes right up to him and says something like "I'm Maria! You're lifelong friend... or until now at least!!!!!" She smacks him and walks out. I guess that's prolly not that funny unless you're in my mind, which - trust me - you dont' want to be in my mind, but I was quite amused.

Family life is stressful, but if I remember correctly we've all survived much worse, so I'm think(hope)ing it will all be fine.

And I'm on week 2, tomorrow, of literacy tutor training. 9-3 last Sat, this Sat, and next Sat.  18 hours of training so I'll be able to to adult literacy tutoring. Which is kind of exciting but I won't be able to start the actual tutoring until after the wedding I don't think, too many responsibilities, tasks and stresses right now as it is.

I miss people from Houghton. And from NRW. Went back to Wolcott for a lil' bit a few months ago and was reminded of how much I hate the town, but I did have some great friends there and most of them I rarely if ever talk to any more. I definitely miss them :(     
11th-Dec-2007 06:09 pm(no subject)
So I'm enjoying my job. I love working with the consumers and the boring days are made up for by the random twelve hour long days where I go to Parker's or the days where I'm almost in charge of a line and can watch the girls improve over just a few hours.

Other news... I think J has a job. Annnd, still looking for a reception site.
4th-Dec-2007 07:30 am(no subject)
It's 7:30 in the morning, my second day of work, and snowing quite nicely. I have to leave early because I'm heading to the same spot as normal before being sent off to orientation. Then after that, I have an hr and a half to get to the place for fingerprinting. Ah!

Next thing to tackle re: wedding - finding somewhere for the reception. Anyone know a place?

Gotta Run!
   ~ Jen
27th-Nov-2007 12:41 am(no subject)
Winter is setting in. It was nothing but constant chilly rain today. It decided a medium pace, and set through to soak everything. I walked to the library and back in it, stepping in the same puddle in front of Getty's on both sides of the trip. I know a constant seeping rain doesn't seem very wintry. The little bit of snow we had is already melted too. But it's dark. The sun sets earlier, more wet stuff falls from the sky and darkens what sun we do have. It's all quite depressing. It did feel good to be out though.

I have a hiring date. Wayne ARC. Just an entry-level job, not an exciting job... but exciting, because it is a job. Have a physical and  a TB test for the job on Weds and then have to start training.

Getting married... very soon. The time is creeping by, and yet going so quickly. Maybe I'll start updating more.
5th-Apr-2007 01:12 am - The good ole days (24/365)

The good ole days (24/365)
Originally uploaded by Random_Heart88.
Saturday's addition to my project365 (pic a day for a year). Went to visit one of my sets of grandparents to give them the news that I am engaged and to visit.

This pic is of the train my grandpa built in his backyard. Yes it runs,and when we were younger he'd give us all rides around, and it was great fun. Now, I know saying I miss "the good ole days" is really cliche. And though the generations to seem to be getting more ignorant and less caring... It's not really that type of missing. I miss being young. Carefree(ish). Having fun. I miss the time when making mistakes didn't mean I was irresponsible, or stupid, or any other number of things they seem to mean now.

When I wasn't interesting enough to gossip about. ... actually I'm still not interesting, and yet they manage to make gossip and talk, and play proverbial telephone...

So, I needed to rant, sorry.

PS. I love my grandparents.

Sort by song title:
-First Song: Fin - Anberlin
-Last Song: Zero - Hawk Nelson

Sort by time:
-Shortest Song: "Jason's Thoughts in French" - Hawk Nelson ( 0:23)
-Longest Song: After Today - Sanctus Real (12:05)

Sort by album:
-First Song: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (1 Year of Love) :) :)
-Last Song:  After - MxPx (cause i don't know album title, but last w/ the right title is Pillar)

Top 14 Most Played Songs: (stead of 10, cause the last 4 are pretty important songs to me as well)
1. Keep on Loving You - ReO Speedwagon
2. Hanging by a Moment - Lifehouse
3. Long Slow Beautiful Dance - Rascal Flatts
4. This Everyday Love - Rascal Flatts
5. California - Hawk Nelson :) :)
6. All of The Words - Kutless
7. He Is - Aaron Jeoffrey (used this song for a performance)
8. Fall into Me - Emerson Drive
9. I Should be Sleeping - Emerson Drive
10.  Things we go Through - Hawk Nelson
11. Hearts of the Innocent - Kutless
12. I lift my eyes up - Kutless
13. Suspension - Mae
14. Everglow - Mae

First five songs that come up on Shuffle:
1. Epilogue - Mae :)
2. Million Dollar Man - Kutless
3. The Uruk-Hai
4. Gone - Daughtry
5. God of Nations - Isaiah 6

"Sex", How many songs come up?: 0, lol
"Love", How many songs come up?: 33 songs (2hrs)
"You", How many songs come up?: 71
"Death", How many songs come up?: 1 (and it's a relient k song)
"Hate", How many songs come up?: 2
"Wish" How many songs come up?: 0 again

And the grand total: 459 songs, 1.1 days, 1.53GB

   So anyways.  Been a pretty crazy, stressful hectic week, and will only get more so... But I had visitors today. It was great to sit and talk and not feel pushed/pulled/rushed.  Thanks!  :)

Performance on Friday. First one not actually here at school, a bit nervous but it'll be fun.

Maybe I'll actually give a full update some day soon
26th-Nov-2006 08:52 pm(no subject)
girl in love
Well, homecoming went pretty good...

School's been good. Ups and downs, y'know? When I do update, lately, it's been on xanga. But haven't really cared about it too much lately. Apathy. Or more important things on my mind. One or another.

I've figured out the most beautiful way to wake up. I saw friends I haven't seen in a long time. I ate too much. Overall a very good thanks-break.
6th-Oct-2006 11:45 pm - Homecoming
Homecoming weekend! Yay, homecoming banquet and I've no date. Well I've a date, but he can't be here to be my date... So in the interest of fun, or at least interesting'ness, for all.... I am going to don my black clothes (including my new official shirt) and some white face paint... and go to the banquet anyways. I'll tell you how it goes

I think i shall go to bed.

   G'night all.
28th-Sep-2006 09:06 pm(no subject)
I've gotten very good lately, at having amazing mood swings.


Life has been interesting. And busy.

At Houghton College.

Love... Jen
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